This was not a panic.

When I am worried I buy sausages, usually Andouille. For a few weeks, easily by 16 February, I had been buying tubes for a few weeks because of the intensity of what was on NHK every morning. In January, my partner asked if we needed to continue watching NHK on the regular, as the wall to wall virus coverage was not exactly pleasant for our children. We persisted, James Tengan is a great anchor, heavy on the gravitas. The coverage of the virus was pitch perfect. On the 16th, later in the afternoon I would watch the end of the Daytona 500 with my children due to rain delay, the crystalizing moment was in the early afternoon, while writing some code to analyze disinformation related to the Corona virus, the tone of Deutsche Welle hit different: Cossack groups were the leading force for containing the virus in Russia.

James Tengan reporting for HNK 9 March 2020.
The toilet paper, napkin, and paper towel selection.
Someone was planning on a vinegar based disinfecting regime…
iPhoto detects John Wayne as a person in this photo.
These may have been the last TP rolls in the store. The secret stash of flour (it held out for a while was in the Easter section)
There was more than one “wine cart.”

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