Like, Dislike, and the Problem of User Agency. Or, why Mark Z is the next Le Corbusier?

The empathy/dislike button as high-modern social network art.

First, a new button is not necessary.

Second, even if it is ostensibly an empathy button, it won’t say that way.

Third, if we have reached the point that the button retains a pure, empathetic use, it should be marked as a bad sign for Facebook.

Fourth, this is not to say that trolls are good, but they only go where energetic traffic is flowing. Facebook is an artifact of the culture of 2006, not a leading light.

But, what if it can be an empathy button…

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Clean Lines. Assuming that wet crayons fit your aesthetic preference.

Associate Professor of Social Media. Oregon State University. Read my book: Selling Social Media (Bloomsbury Academic), 2018.

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